Want To Have That Tuner On Your Website For Free?

Just Add This Piece Of Code To Your Site

<iframe src="https://game.matchmysound.com/tuner.html" style="border:0;" seamless="seamless" width="250" height="250" allow="microphone *; fullscreen *"></iframe>
You can change the size of it if you like. The only condition of using this for free is that you can...

Why Is The Pitch A=440Hz So Popular?

Depending On The Era And Style, There Are More Pitches

You may have noticed that most electronic tuning devices have the default pitch set at A=440Hz. The same applies to all sorts of electronic music instruments. It merely means that...

Can You Take Your Guitar On A Plane?

Certainly. You Just Have To Cut It Into Two Pieces.

Have you ever thought what instrument players have the easiest and hardest time when traveling by air? We have certainly heard a lot about broken guitars. Some have even wrote...

Checking The Guitar Tuning

Use Machines But Verify By Ear

Even if you tune your guitar using an electronic tuner you will need to check whether the result is good enough and more often than not you may need to do the fine tuning...

Absolute Or Relative Tuning?

If In Doubt Go For The Absolute Tuning

When using an online guitar tuner (or any other automatic tuning device) you mostly tune your instrument according to absolute pitch, trying to make each string sound exactly the notes e, b,...

Standard Guitar Tuning

It's e-b-g-D-A-E

Different eras and cultures have had different tuning standards but today it's pretty safe to say that 'standard guitar tuning' means the same thing for most of the people who play the guitar. You can read a