Why Tune The Guitar At All

The Guitar Is An Instrument That Requires Frequent Tuning

One can occasionally hear funny stories of people who have bought a guitar and return to the shop after a few months complaining that the guitar is out of tune. Of course the sales assistants can tune the instrument but they will have a good laugh afterwards. It is like taking a new car back to the shop because you have run out of petrol or the ashtray is full. Guitar's tuning is always checked before playing the instrument and sometimes fine tuning is required even while playing a piece of music. However, provided that the instrument is kept constantly in the same room, the temperature remains the same and the strings are no longer very new, the tuning changes only a little. Guitars with metal strings stay in tune better than guitars with nylon strings. Every guitar player must be able to tune his guitar and this is one of the first things to be learned. It will take a long time for you to learn to tune the guitar properly and it requires practice in the same way as playing the instrument does. What makes tuning hard is not turning the knobs but listening. An inexperienced ear is not always able to tell when a string is too high or too low. But all talk of tone deafness is nonsense – everyone with at least a little patience can learn to listen. And patience is one thing you will need when learning to play a musical instrument. Until you will learn how to tune your guitar by ear you can scroll up and use the help of our online guitar tuner app.

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